You are winegrower / winemaker

Winegrower / Winemaker

Since local consumption habits have started to change regularly and more rapidly, international trade has never been so dynamic, and the interest in developing one’s international business is becoming even more important.

Independent winegrowers and cooperative wineries : Hesiode is committed to developing your sales projects abroad. Whether you are already present on the international market or not, contact us and benefit from our expertise and know-how on export markets.

A team of specialists :

  • To represent your work abroad and meet your export ambitions, so that you can devote yourself fully on making your wines.
  • For a “win-win” collaboration while maintaining your independence.
  • For a personalized and committed follow-up, creating a long-term relationship of trust.
  • Acting as an interlocutor between you and your international clients, to simplify exchanges and respond to their specific needs in a responsive manner.
  • To bring precision, meticulousness and an educational contribution on the product, answering the requests of the most complex and rigorous markets.
  • To design communication mediums, technical sheets and storytelling to better promote your product internationally.