Consommation vin français états-unis.

French wine in the United States

Wine consumption in the United States

While the United States is historically a beer-consuming country, wine consumption is increasing year after year! Consumers, increasingly educated, are now venturing off the beaten path, eager to discover wines they are not used to taste.

Still Wines in the United States

Still wines are the most consumed type of wine in the United States. While red wines are still the most popular, white wines and rosé wines have seen their sales increase in recent years. In the United States, women consume more wine than men, representing 58% and 42% of consumers respectively. The same is true for the consumption of imported wines, which is much higher among women than among men.

Sparkling wines in the United States

Although still wines are the most consumed wine category, sparkling wines have made a 50% jump in consumption since 2019! If Prosecco wins the gold medal for sparkling wine imports in the United States, Champagne is also on the list of Americans’ favorite bubbles, followed by crémants from all regions that they are slowly getting to know.

Importing wine into the United States

French wines, among the favorites!

In the United States, imported wines are dominated by five countries, with Italy in first place, followed closely by France, then Spain, Australia and Chile. Historically, France was the leading wine exporting country to the U.S., but since 2020 Italy has taken the lead.

This is due to the 25% tariffs imposed by the Trump administration on French wines, Spanish wines and German wines from 2019 to 2021. France has indeed suffered from these additional taxes, while Italian wines have found themselves in a favorable position.

American-style wine communication

The United States is another continent and therefore another way of doing things… the American way! French winemakers wishing to conquer this market must therefore show adaptation and originality.

A communication based on grape varieties

If France and Europe are used to communicate on their wines with the region and the Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC) or Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) in North America, we speak in grape variety! Indeed, the appellations of origin and Geographical Indications (PGI) are not recognized outside the European Union. Moreover, in the United States, we use the names of grape varieties. Among these, the favorite of Americans remains Chardonnay, the most cultivated grape variety in the world! In order to attract the attention of Americans, it is in the interest of the French to promote their wines using the grape varieties used in their vintages.

Wine, an experience above all !

For Americans, and especially young wine drinkers, the experience is the most important thing. Young tasters, composed of the so-called ‘millenials’ generation, are looking for the whole experience, to go beyond the simple glass of wine. They want to know the winery, in pictures or videos and ideally, in person! Always looking for traceability and meaning, these young consumers want to know where their wine comes from, who made it and how! To succeed in the United States, it is therefore strongly recommended to review your promotional material!

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