Hesiode in Canada for French wine export

Growth in consumption of French wines in Canada

For several years now, the consumption of wine in Canada has been growing, especially French wine. As the 6th largest importer of wine in the world, for Canada, French wine remains an unavoidable reference in terms of quality. If young consumers as well as connoisseurs are more and more interested in unknown “gems” and atypical grape varieties, the numerous French references answer their thirst for novelty and discovery. Indeed, with its wines with a thousand and one styles, France has something to please both the demand for classic wines that have proven themselves, as well as for wines with a new style.

Quebec and the love of imported French wines

When it comes to wine, Quebec likes particularly European wines and among its favorites are obviously French wines! Quebecers love wine and their thirst for knowledge of the world of wines and spirits make them knowledgeable consumers. French wine remains a sure reference in Quebec, and this, in all colors and styles combined!

Hesiode meets the demand for French wines from Canadians and Quebecers

With its hundreds of winemaking partners from all over France, Hesiode sets out to conquer the Canadian and Quebec markets. It goes without saying that, with its wines of all styles and multiple grape varieties, from the most international to the most native, Hesiode has what it takes to satisfy the tastes and desires of Canada, a great wine-loving country. Red wines, white wines or rosé wines, fine bubbles or sweet wines, Hesiode intends to meet the needs of their ‘cousins’ thanks to its very large catalog.

French wine fair in Canada

Come and meet the Hesiode team at the Tastin’France Canada from July 10 to 14, 2023. Hesiode will be present to let you taste wines of different styles and tastes in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.